My name is Peter Hillman and I am currently working three days a week as a teacher librarian in the Scotch College Senior Library. Prior to this dream job I worked in the state system for 32 years as a maths, chemistry and library teacher, and then as an Assistant Principal before resigning in 2010. I am very happy only working part time and enjoy my work at Scotch teaching information skills and literature in the library.
My skills and experience with Web 2.0 tools are limited and I am just getting around to using and understanding them. One of the reasons for my invovlement in this course actually!
My personal learning network is largely internal to school, apart from the external associations available to all teacher librarians in the city. The library staff are active in the professional development and very willing to share and involve others in any recent development.
I hope to gain confidence in using Web 2.0 tools myself, and be able to apply them in my classes with a real purpose to the learning – rather than using a new gimmick for the sake of it. I hope not to be chasing my tail, trying to catch up every week,and enjoy the challenge of new material and thinking it through as I go.


This is my first post as I try and catch up with everyone else who could log in on Wednesday afternoon. We had a parent evening at school which prevented me from doing it with everyone else.